Privacy Policy

Holiday Care’s Privacy Policy

This privacy policy, governs the Holiday Care website. It is designed to describe how all personal information that you provide to Holiday Care is stored and used. Descriptions of the choices that are available to you, and the ways that your personal information is used is also a part of this policy. The choices that are made available to you, and the way that your information is used, is also described.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

All of the personal information that we collect, is based off of the information that you decide to voluntarily provide when utilising our site, and our mobile apps. However, be aware, that you are given the ability to utilize our site without creating an account. But, you will need to have an account if you wish to take advantage of our wide variety of features, such as our saving features and our matching features. Personal information may be requested if you contact our internal customer service department. Obtaining this information from you, will help us to be able to protect your confidential information, by enabling us to verify your identity.

If you choose to sign up for email newsletters, your personal information will be required. The reason why, is because during the sign up process, we want to ensure that we are able to cater our recommendations to your needs. Our site does not obtain information from any children that are under the age of thirteen. If a child that is under this age bracket chooses to utilize our site, either for their leisure, or to obtain information for a parent or guardian, it is imperative that the child receives permission from their parent or guardian before doing so. We are not liable for children utilising our site that have not obtained the proper permissions to be able to do so.

Where Is Your Personal Information Collected?

Whenever you place a reservation, or sign up for an account, we will require some personal information, in order to fulfill your request. During this time, you will be asked to provide, your name, your email, your address, phone number, along with credit card information, if you are purchasing a product or service from our site. This information will only be used to fulfill your request, and will not be disclosed to an outside party.

Location based information will be accessed if you are utilising a mobile device when using our site. This helps us ensure that the information that we are providing to you, is specific to your location. This information will never be used for anything outside of assisting you with fulfilling an order request, or providing applicable information, based on your search on our site.

How Is Your Information Used?

The information that we collect from you, will be used to enhance your overall website experience. We do not utilise cookies, which means none of your online activities will be tracked when utilizing our site for your leisure. None of your information is shared. All personal information that you provide us is bound by law, and we are unable to release your information without your written consent.